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‘X Factor’ 2016 Update: Sam Lavery’s Elimination Staged? Sharon Osbourne Originally Wanted to Send Ryan Lawrie Home?

Sam Lavery was eliminated on the latest episode of X Factor. However, fans speculated that the episode could be fixed just like some of the other ones.

Last Saturday, Sam Lavery was removed from the competition after getting the lowest votes from viewers according to Daily Mail. Upon hearing the verdict, the artist controlled her emotion as she expressed her gratitude to her mentor, Simon Cowell.

Lavery battled against her fellow contestant, Ryan Lawrie. She performed a rousing version of No More Drama by Mary J. Blige. Meanwhile, her contender whom Nicole Scherzinger introduced as her “Little Scottish rock star,” sang Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis.

After their presentation, the judges voted whom they wanted to get eliminated. Cowell announced his assessment for the two artists. He praised Lawrie for sticking to what he had done and not sulking over the past week when he thought he was going to be eliminated.

Cowell then turned to his mentee and told her that she was great on the track that she performed. After that, he voted for Lawrie to be eliminated. Louis Walsh echoed his fellow judge’s decision.

Scherzinger, on the other hand, decided to send Lavery home and left Sharon Osbourne to do the final judgment.

“At this point, Ryan, you have improved so much,” Osbourne said before making her decision. “It is only because he has been in the bottom so many times. I hate to do this … ”

The audience booed the TV personality thinking that she was sending Lawrie home. However, she decided to vote for Lavery to be eliminated instead, making their vote counts tie. They returned then to the original public vote, in which Cowell’s student got kicked off from the contest.

Meanwhile, viewers must have noticed the way the X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne changed her mind in the middle of decision making according to The Sun.

The fans got a hint that she was initially thinking of sending Lawrie home then reverted to voting for Lavery. The viewers then took to Twitter to express how they feel about the recent event.

One person wrote that the reason Lawrie was always at the bottom was because the public does not want him. Another person tweeted that the clear winner on the last elimination was Lavery. One more fan shared its observation regarding Osbourne looking over at Cowell before making her decision.

According to the outlet, it was not the first time that the viewers probed whether the X Factor was staged during an episode.

Photo source: Facebook

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