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Work-at-Home Mom Problems: The Struggle and Survival Stories

If you’re a new mother, there’s nothing better than staying at home and hanging out with your baby. Sometimes, however, we also want to further our careers, earn and at the same time supervising our baby’s growth. Because of this, most millennial mothers seek out jobs which they could do at home and become work-at-home moms.

If you’re a mom who works online, or doing a side hustle business at home, you could probably relate to these struggles and survival stories of a typical work-at-home mom.

1. You Try So Hard To Sound Professional

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I was in a phone call meeting with a potential client, things seem to be working out pretty well. I even used my “low feminine voice” which is according to research makes a woman sound like she’s in command. Then suddenly out of nowhere, shrieks resonated in the entire room while the words, “Mooo-m! Tommy ate my waffles!” and loud cries came next.

Yes, as much as I tried to ignore it, the shrieks just grew louder and louder and I had to practically beg, “Baby, can you please keep quiet for a minute so that Momma can sound professional?”

2. “I’m gonna teach my child advanced lessons for school.” – Ha!

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One of the reasons I started working at home is that the first time I laid my eyes on my baby, I thought that I would never part with him. I’ll see his growth and his every milestone until he goes away for college. I also dreamed of giving him an advance lesson so that he can be ahead of his classmates when he enters school, and I’ll be the best Momma in town!

Big joke. Taking care of an infant while working is nearly impossible, make that two running gremlins, then I realized that becoming my kids’ teachers would have to wait until I could get each of them alone; which means I would have to wait for the older one to enter kindergarten.

3. “Who wants pizza?” Is Your Weapon

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As a work-at-home mom, cooking is probably the task which needs my full concentration. First is because accidents could happen and second is that screwing up the meal means I would have to do it again. Cooking means I would have to step away from my computer, pray my kids won’t mess with it and cook.

Either way, during the times when I need to catch a deadline, I use my secret weapon to get the kids to behave. I just ring up their favorite home delivery restaurant and bam! Lunch is secured.

4. “Why do these moms in the picture look so pretty… and neat?”

I look at promotional posters of stay-at-home moms and I wonder what I’m doing wrong? I could never bring my infant to sit on my lap while my laptop is on a table in front of me. He will probably hit my screen with anything he could get a hold of. And God! They look so pretty and neat! How do they do that? Am I just really untidy and do I suck at being a work-at-home mom?

Anyway, these pictures of work-at-home moms are unrealistic. It’s not all sunshine and rainbow; it’s mostly similar to Titans fighting the Kraken. Once in a while, however, you get to hear your toddler excitedly say, “Mom, Mom! I can poop on my own now!” and that just takes the stress away.

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