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‘Titanfall 2’ Fans Blast Game With Positive Remarks; Does it Outshine Other 2016 Games?

Titanfall 2 is one of the many games that were released in the fall of 2016. With all the positive feedback, will it truly outshine other games?

According to a NetGuide NZ’s Darren Price, Titanfall’s sequel game was released along with Battlefield1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

These two big names threaten the Titanfall sequel but the game enthusiast believes that overlooking Respawn Entertainment’s game will be a shame.

Subsequently, the fan shares his experience playing the sequel game. The player likes the 2014’s original Titanfall.

However, the fact that the game focuses on the multiplayer setting did not entice the fan as much as the sequel did.

Thus, the developer studio Respawn takes the challenge and now includes a single-player campaign. It is brilliantly done.

The human pilots and the gigantic mechs’ relationship are explored. It is a story told in a better way compared to the pre-multiplayer match prologues the previous one has provided.

He states that the single-player is an important addition. Nonetheless, the player says that the multiplayer mode gives longevity to the game.

The avid supporter explains that players will be tasked to portray a pilot and to control his Titan mechs. He applauds the pilots’ abilities.

It can do a wall run stunt and jump to high places. Hence, fans who maneuver pilots now have the ability to dodge enemies’ Titans.

The agility of the pilots have simply leveled-up. On the other side of the coin, a fan on BGR disclosed that the flow of the campaign is pitch-perfect.

He indicated that the well-built structures are a feast on the eyes. The game enthusiasts particular pointed out that the a level called Effects and Cause mesmerizes him.

Copper, the main protagonist, finds a device that allows him to travel back and forth in time. This is actually commendable for strategy.

The pilot can appear suddenly behind a Titan enemy and take him out. According to the fan, he thinks Titanfall2’s satisfying FPS campaign tops BattleField1‘s.

Respawn’s new Titanfall gets a lot of good feedback. But can it win over the other 2016 release game?

Photo Source: Titanfall2 Official Webiste 

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