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‘The Walking Dead’ Having Negan Problems? How Will They Feature His Relationship With Carl?

The Walking Dead character Negan is touted to be the best villain of the show yet. He is a strong character who affects and will affect many characters, but there may be problems with their relationship with him.

Paul Tassi, writing for Forbes, expressed concerns that characters surrounding Negan and the villain himself are problematic. In particular, he pointed out Daryl and Dwight and their involvement with the Saviors overlord.

The zombie show’s third episode showed Daryl’s new life as the Saviors’ prisoner. The audience also learned more about the background of one of Negan’s trusted men. But to Tassi, this is all wrong as the set pieces of the upcoming conflict are being moved into position too soon.

In the comics, it was Carl and Negan who had a strange relationship between them. It was through Carl’s eyes that comic readers saw how Negan’s operation goes. The relationship of the two is very important in how the story moved along with the comics.

But it looks like Daryl will take on the youngster’s role instead. But he is too stubborn. Plus, the Forbes contributor believes that Daryl’s story for the entire season is already very obvious.

The next problem in The Walking Dead Negan arc is Dwight. He is already in a position to betray Negan. How the AMC horror series set him up in “The Cell” made that very obvious.

As for Negan himself, his character does not seem to translate well from the comics to the small screen. He is a quippy, goofy, and cartoony villain. His character sounds delusional, and that lessens his menacing factor.

However, he is yet to continue evolving as a character, especially when a new brand of threat will come strutting in the picture.

As comic fans would know, Negan had an odd friendship with Carl Grimes. said that Negan had  fondness for Carl and his toughness. The Carl in the comics was a small boy, the one in the show is almost a man.

So their storyline might become more menacing and much darker. Viewers will have to wait to see how the trajectory of the Negan-Carl relationship goes in The Walking Dead.

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