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Suicide Squad Sequel Fans Might Boycott Film If Mel Gibson Directs

There are talks that Mel Gibson is being eyed by Warner Bros. to direct the Suicide Squad sequel. But this rumor was met with backlash from DC fans who think he shouldn’t even go near it. Should he, though? We’ll let you mull it over with the details released below.

Suicide Squad Sequel Under Mel Gibson?

The Hollywood Reporter said that Warner Bros. has been “courting” Mel Gibson as a director for the Suicide Squad sequel. But this doesn’t mean that he’s not the only one the studio have their eyes on. Warner Bros. is also looking at other names as well, including Daniel Espinosa.

Gibson seems to be out of the dark after his drunk driving arrest in 2006 and a number of other issues that placed him in a negative light. Hacksaw Ridge has made him receive offers once more. He’s even in talks to be in Daddy’s Home 2 with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrel.

No word yet on why Warner Bros. is considering Mel Gibson to direct Suicide Squad 2 or if the rumor is even true. For now, all we know is that Gibson’s a popular man these days and we might be seeing more projects again from him soon.

Fans’ Response

Though nothing is confirmed as of the moment, the thought of having Mel Gibson direct Suicide Squad isn’t met with positive comments from fans. Yes, Gibson may have redeemed himself with his recent Oscar-nominated movie. But based on The Hollywood Reporter’s news, fans think delving on a DC universe movie is something else.

We’re also not entirely sure if Gibson is a fan of any of the DC characters or know any of the DC universe’s background for him to want to take on this project. But what is apparent is that fans don’t want him around it.

Suicide Squad is about a series of villains namely Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Deadshot and Joker teaming up with the government in exchange for their sentences to be lighter. Though the first movie was only rated 4.7 out of 10 by Rotten Tomatoes, a sequel was announced to be in the works.

The Suicide Squad sequel has a tentative release date for 2017. So expect to have more news of this movie up here soon.

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