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‘Sailor Moon R: The Movie’ to Open in U.S. Theaters, Short Film to Screen Alongside Movie

During the Moonlight Party, Viz Media announced that Sailor Moon R: The Movie will hit the U.S. theaters in January. The company additionally revealed that the short film Make Up! Sailor Guardian will also be screened.

According to, Viz Media will be making an HD remaster version of the original movie. The main cast of the original anime will be reprising their roles.

Both full-length and short film will be featured in English-dub and in Japanese dub with English subtitles.

In line with these, the theater goers will receive a special bonus. Nonetheless, the gifts have limited supply. Thus, early visitors will be prioritized.

The movie trailer is currently streaming on Viz Media. And the same company also uploaded a video featuring the voice of Fiore (Ben Diskin) for the motion picture. Diskin previously voiced for Umino in the series.

In the story, the kid Fiore received a rose from a girl named Mamoru. Fiore, then, secretly thought of returning the favor someday.

But when Fiore returned to planet Earth, he attacked the world along with the Kisenian flower. Not to mention, Fiore is an alien and he originated from the same race as Ali and An.

The film screened in Japan in Dec. 1993. Geneon Entertainment released the movie on VHS and DVD from 1999 to 2004.

Meanwhile, Anime News Network reports that the Make Up! Sailor Guardians! focused on Usagi and Chibiusa. Usagi and Chibiusa overheard two girls chatting about the Sailor warriors.

Specifically, the girls were wondering who the best Sailor Guardian is. And to figure it out, the gossipers described the guardians’ characteristics.

This particular short movie was made available on laserdisc and DVD in Japan. Nonetheless, it was never released in North America.

The Moonlight Party event was organized to partially promote the upcoming Sailor Moon S part 1 on home video. It will be available in online stores on Nov. 15, 2016.

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