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Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre: Fans Cannot Believe Sin City Actress Chooses Comedian

It’s official! Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre are Hollywood’s newest couple.  The two confirmed it on Dawson’s Instagram post.

The 37-year-old actress and 33-year-old comedian look so cute in the photo. But many online found it odd that they’re actually dating. The public can’t seem to wrap their heads around these two getting together and it’s quite a mystery why.

Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre: The Valentine Reveal

In the Instagram photo, Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre pose next to a koala. Andre’s arms are  around Dawson and the caption reads, “Happy Valentines Day my love! #MyCuddlyValentine #Valentines”.

Happy Valentines Day my love! #MyCuddlyValentine #Valentines

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Andre followed up by posting another photo of the two of them in Twitter. This time, the two are puckering up and about to kiss each other. The caption hilariously says “proof” and “not a prank”.

If you think that was it, Andre posted up one more photo of them actually kissing and a series of other photos of Dawson. Andre captioned those photos with a lot of hearts and heart-eyed emojis, clearly displaying how smitten he is with his love.

The Public In Denial?

The reveal is timely, seeing as it is heart’s day. But the first photo had fans wondering if the two were being serious. Seeing as Andre is a comedian, the public probably thought he was joking and Dawson was just following along.

Maybe that’s what prompted Andre to post another photo saying it was proof that he and Dawson are really together. Andre may be a comedian but this time around, revealing his girlfriend publicly was not something he’d prank about.

Another thing fans pointed out was how Andre landed himself a hot actress liked Dawson. Well, this only goes to show that looks have nothing to do with truly being in love with someone.

The series of photos of Dawson posted by Andre on Twitter made it seem like a fanboy gushing about his idol. But nope, it’s the real deal. Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre are a couple and admit it, the two look cute and very much in love with the other.

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