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Rectify Season 4: Will The Next Episode Give Us The Answers That We Need?

Rectify Season 4 is soon coming to an end. Will we finally have the answers we so desperately need? We are two weeks away from officially closing the show, so fans are hoping Rectify will give them the closure they crave for.

The series has not been renewed for Season 5, so this is the final time we’ll get to see the Rectify cast. The series, which stars Aden Young as Daniel, tells the story of a young man whose 19-year conviction was overturned by a new DNA evidence. He must now put his life back together after serving 19 years in prison.

Rectify Season 4 brings to a close a show that was nominated for three 2016 Critic Choice Awards and won a Peabody Award in 2015. Creator Ray McKinnon earlier said in a statement that he felt Rectify could end at any time or “just as easily continue.”

Pineapples In Paris, a reminder of how good Rectify is!

Rectify started pretty strong when it premiered back in 2013 in an out-of-the-way network. But since then, it had become a TV show. And like many other TV shows, it became susceptible to vulnerabilities connected to having to create an ongoing series.

Rectify Season 4

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Rectify

Rectify Season 4 Episode 5, entitled Pineapples in Paris reminds us of what’s so good about the show. You can almost feel the raw emotions from Scott Teems’ and Coleman Herbert’s writing, coupled with the creative spirit that is Teems’ direction.

In Pineapples in Paris, Daniel tells Chloe (Caitlin FitzGerald) that he was sexually assaulted in prison, Teddy (Clayne Crawford) asks Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) for a divorce, Ted Sr. (Bruce McKinnon) tells Janet (J. Smith-Cameron) that he resents her, and Bobby Dean (Linds Edwards) admits to beating Daniel and drops clues about Trey (Sean Bridgers) and George (Michael Treynor).

Physics is drawing close to the finale!

In Physics, some of the Rectify cast finally let go of all those emotions and head for a timely exit. Daniel and Ted Sr. swapped apologies, and Ted Sr. blurted out his feelings in front of Janet. Chloe confronts Daniel about therapy, but he continues to refuse even after Chloe admonished him.

Then, there’s a bit about Teddy trying to shoot a dancing man but ended up shooting himself in the leg instead. Does that remind us of anyone? Physics, in science and in Rectify, proved that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

It looks like Rectify Season 4 is drawing to a finale, which all of the characters deserve. Hopefully, it’s how all fans feel for the show as well.

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