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The Pros and Cons Between KPop Fan Meetings and Concerts

Every Kpop fan knows that at some point his or her idol will go on a tour around the world or to a specific continent. The tour can consist of either fan meetings or concerts. For those who are new to the fandom world, they may be slightly confused on the differences between KPop fan meetings and concerts.

Although both events present the opportunity to see the celebrities up close, a fan meeting and a concert do have their own sets of pros and cons.

KPop Fan Meetings

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Fan meetings are events where the idols closely interact with their fans. The idols also perform some of their title tracks but that is only around 30% of the program. The 70% is actually spent on talking, fan service, sharing stories, and playing games with the fans. The lucky fans are usually selected via raffle draws.

The emcees of the show will then initiate the game, which usually involves team work between the idol members and the fans. Depending on the program, the idols would then engage in games where the prizes that they win will be given to the lucky fans that they picked via raffle. Fan meetings usually last for one or two hours.

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KPop Concerts

Compared to fan meetings, concerts usually last for three hours. If it is a company concert like SM Town or YG Family Concert, these events may go for four hours. In concerts, idol groups go all out with their live performances. The choreography is on point while the vocals are always top notch in quality.

Talking during a concert is minimal. Idols usually take a short break after three or four songs. These talks are limited to exclamations like “Are you having fun?!” or “Make some noise!”. The games and interviews are optional. If there is a game, it is always short yet humorous for the fans to enjoy and remember when the concert has ended.

Regarding ticket prices, there is not much of a difference between a KPop fan meeting and a concert. Each event caters to different needs for the fans. A concert is the time for the group to showcase their artistry and prowess as live performers. On the other hand, fan meetings are intimate interactions between the idols and fans.

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