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Peppa Pig: Should Millennial Moms Let Their Kids Watch

Nick. Jr’s popular cartoon series Peppa Pig is surprisingly drawing some flak among mothers who let their kids watch the show. While the show focuses on little Peppa, a cute and cheeky little pig together with her family, many millennial moms claim that the TV show has a negative influence on their kids. How can a seemingly cute cartoon program have such a bad effect on kids? Read more to know if you should change the channel when you see the show on TV.

Peppa Pig: Why Are Moms Complaining About The Show?

A report from Mail Online recounts how one mom has “banned” anything Peppa Pig in her own home. Naomi Greenway shares how her two-year-old daughter learned how to “fake cry” when she did not get what she want. In the animated series, Peppa’s brother George similarly sported a frequent “waaah” when the little pig did not have things go his way. This raised a red flag in the Greenaway home and Naomi noticed how Peppa has started to make an impact on her child’s behavior.

While watching an episode where Peppa and Suzy Sheep were arguing, her daughter was also quick to pick up and echo what the characters were saying on screen. Naomi was surprised when her child kept saying “I don’t want to play with you anymore!”

“It sounded even more unpleasant on screen, and why was my daughter saying this over and over again?” Naomi said.

Apart from Naomi’s case, many parents continue to boycott the program saying how their sons and daughter have started to imitate the cartoon pig’s “naughty” behavior. In one episode, Peppa’s younger brother George loosely answered back to his parents when he was being chided.

Peppa Pig: How The Show Is Affecting Kids Negatively

While Peppa Pig is mainly seen on Nickelodeon, kids still have easy access to it through apps and YouTube. According to a child expert, the show is actually influencing kids to become “less empathetic and less creative.”

The Sun published another report with renowned psychologist Dr. Karen Phillip weighing in on the issue. “Even four- and five-year olds are losing the ability to come up with new games, new concepts, and new ideas because they’re used to being entertained,” she said.

Many millennial moms and dads have taken their thoughts on the show on Twitter. A recent episode showed Peppa fat-shaming her dad, and this sparked outage among many parents.

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