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Parenthood Lessons: 5 Major Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mom

Parenthood Lessons. Most of the time, our mother’s disciplinary measure takes its toll on us, new parents. You may have promised not to make your young ones become spoiled brats, but who are you kidding? You’re bound to spoil your kids rotten, just like your mom did.

If you ever wonder yourself whether you’re turning out to be a version of your mom, here’s a checklist.

Parenthood Lessons 1. You Save Plastic Bags after Doing Groceries

A plastic bag is perhaps a parent’s best friend. Whether it’s to fill gaps in holes or to put soiled diapers into, you’re glad that you save that plastic bag your groceries came into. Just like your mom, you have stashes of plastic bags inside your cabinets or in the drawers. You won’t even hesitate to put it on your head as a shower cap.

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2. Infomercials Become Your Go-To TV Show

You finally have that time for yourself where you can just sit back and watch TV. However, it’s the wrong time of the day and your favorite TV show won’t air until tomorrow. You look at the channels, you go past Ellen Degeneres, you didn’t even bother looking at the movie in HBO, but you stopped at the infomercials.

Seriously, who could resist watching the demo of the product that may save your life? If it’s a mop or a new cooking pot, the product shown at the moment could save you tears, energy and all the housework, right?

Parenthood Lessons

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3. You Brag About The Discounts You Got From Shopping

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You may occasionally mention your kid’s outstanding performance from the talent show, but you will always keep your friends up in the loop about the bargain you got from Walmart. A feeling of triumph envelopes you when your grocery receipt shows even a $5 deficit from your total cost. You feel as if you were the best and smartest mom for saving money which you could buy ice cream to spoil your kids with.

4. You Now Know All The Nursery Rhymes

Our mothers or fathers were mostly the ones who can take on a nursery rhyme duet and you wondered why. Now you know. Nursery rhymes become your jam, the first thing you hear in the morning, your lullaby at night. These songs help you calm your kid down when he throws tantrums when you take him out of the tub.

5. You Become A Know-It-All

You become a know-it-all, but in a good way. That phrase, ‘mother knows best’ didn’t just come out of nowhere. You read all the ingredients in the foods that you buy, watch Youtube and Facebook videos about harmful foods for your baby. You read about everything that may potentially affect your kids because that’s how you are now. Now, you protect your kids just like how your mother prevented you from swallowing a quarter when you were a toddler.

What about you? What trait and parenthood lessons from your mom you think you got now? Share it by commenting below.

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