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Oscars 2017 Will Get Political, Without A Doubt

Hollywood’s biggest night is almost upon us! Oscars 2017 is set to be another exciting night as it brings together the most talented stars to one place. However, many fear that it might be plagued with a lot of politics in it, after what happened in the past. If you are one of those who’ve consistently watched the Oscars, you can pretty much expect it to be no less than that.

Why Will Oscars 2017 Will Get Political?

The US elections have garnered more negative attention in recent times. With Donald Trump now deemed as the most powerful man in the world, many have spoken out against his new rules. CNN notes how stars like Meryl Streep made a political statement against Trump.

The actress used her acceptance speech for her Golden Globe award to denounce Trump as a “bully.” It didn’t take long before Trump responded to the actress through Twitter, saying how she was “overrated.” There shouldn’t be much surprise if other stars do the same during Hollywood’s biggest night this year.

On a tangent, the outlet also mentions how #OscarsSoWhite sparked outage in 2016. Many took part in a public outcry and demand for “greater diversity” in the film industry. As if heeding the public’s call, there are seven out of 20 actors nominated for an award who aren’t white this year. As compared to previous years where there was no representation at all.

Oscars 2017: Stars Speak Up Against Donald Trump

Oregon Live also reports how many stars have publicly spoken up against US president Trump. During this year’s Grammy Awards, A Tribe Called Quest delivered strong politically-charged songs which the audiences praised. Rapper Busta Rhymes even dissed Trump, sarcastically commenting, “I want to thank President Agent Orange for your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban.”

Given that, those who watch the Oscars should be ready for these kinds of things to happen. During the Oscars in 2003, director Michael Moore attacked the Bush administration over the Iraq war. It had triggered a mix of reactions. Thankfully, host Steve Martin was there to defuse the situation with his humor.

Those who dislike partisan politics at star-studded awards show have been warned! Remember, winners have 45 seconds to say whatever they want on stage. That is, before the orchestra plays them off, anyone in the event has their own chance to go public with their beliefs.

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