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One Piece Chapter 850 News, Spoilers, Updates: Reiju’s Attacker to be Revealed

One Piece chapter 850 is set to bring another exciting new adventure to anime fans after chapter 849 left many questions unanswered. Pudding and Sanji are now happily married, but what lurks around when they found Sanji’s sister Reiju covered in blood? Moreover, will Luffy and Nami be able to escape the perils brought by Big Mom?

Read on to find out what awaits in the next chapter!

One Piece chapter 850 spoilers: Who attacked Reiju?

Chapter 849 left fans hanging with some of the main characters’ lives in danger. In the last episode, Reiju was seen wounded and injured with no suspect in mind to blame. Meanwhile, Luffy and Nami are still held captive by Big Mom.

A report from News Everyday revealed that the upcoming chapter will show who Reiju’s attacker is. Suspects reportedly include Germa 66, Boa Hancock, and Capone.

Avid followers of the Eiichiro Oda-penned manga have always seen Reiju as an intelligent woman. The same publication notes that she is always perceived as a “fierce” character and rarely even puts herself in a situation that may endanger her. Hence, many ask who could have planned this brutal attack against her.

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One Piece chapter 850 spoilers: Reiju’s alleged attackers revealed!

The same publication reports that some theories have come up to try and make sense of what happened to Reiju. One theory suggests that Boa Hancock is behind hurting Reiju because she is in love with Luffy. Accordingly, one scene where Reiju kissed Luffy to suck out the poison bothered her greatly.

Another speculation points to Germa 66 being the culprit of the violent incident. However, it was quickly ruled out “due to the reason that he might get the ire of Judge” if he did something as brutal as this.

Similarly, Big Mom’s pirates were also probably suspects but were downplayed because certainly, no one would want to put the marriage at risk.

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One Piece chapter 850 updates: Will Luffy and Nami finally escape?

iTechPost refers to the previous chapter as a seemingly “dead end zone” for the anime’s main protagonists, Luffy and Nami. After Big Mom kept them captive, it is unclear whether they would be able to escape or not. However, there has been “a glimmer of hope” after it was seen that Carrot and Chopper were able to take down Brulee and her men, thus giving them access to the Mirror World.

That said, fans hope that Chopper and Carrot may be able to use this opportunity to travel to Whole Cake Island so they can save the Straw Hat pirates. It is said that Luffy and Nami’s situation will be given more light in One Piece chapter 850.

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