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One Piece Chapter 846 Spoilers, Predictions: Sanji Marries Pudding, Luffy and Nami to Leave Whole Cake Island

Sanji and Pudding exchange their wedding vows in One Piece chapter 846, while Luffy and Nami are dragged out of the Whole Cake Island.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for One Piece Chapter 845. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.

Previously, Sanji walks out from his battle against Luffy. Despite that, the Straw Hat captain says that he would wait for Sanji’s return.

Nami reminds Luffy about what Pound has told them. Big Mom’s enraged army will dispatch Nami and Luffy sooner or later.

Thus, the pirates should leave as soon as possible. Luffy does not listen to Nami. The captain insists that he will wait for Sanji.

Nami could not argue so she and Luffy wait for Sanji and the enraged army’s arrival.

Unfortunately, Sanji did not return when Big Mom’s minions showed up. Luffy has no other choice but to fight the enraged army.

Meanwhile, Sanji Vinsmokes declares that he will marry Pudding. Subsequent to these events, One Piece chapter 846 predictions suggests that Sanji and Pudding will exchange vows in the chapter.

At the same time,  Nami will help Luffy to vanquish Big Mom’s soldiers. Luffy will get exhausted.

Using Gear 4 against Charlotte Cracker must have worn  Luffy big time out. As for Nami, she still has a lot more to offer. But the enraged army seems to be no ordinary soldiers.

And since Nami and Luffy are clearly outnumbered, Big Mom’s minions can simply drag them out of the Whole Cake Island.

By some miracle, Carrot and Chopper can help Nami and Luffy. That will only happen if Carrot and Chopper manage to run away from Brulee.

The mirror world has a lot of doors. Hence, Carrot and Chopper do not know where to go.

Given this point, Chopper and Carrot may not save Luffy and Nami in One Piece chapter 846.

Photo Source: Flickr User Muhammed Ahmed Khan

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