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One Piece 852 Spoilers! Reiju Reveals Circumstances of Sanji’s Birth

We witnessed Sanji Vinsmoke’s heartbreak in the previous chapter of One Piece. Now, we exclusively bring you the spoilers for One Piece 852! What will Sanji do now after knowing Pudding’s true nature?

Sanji Plans To Reveal Pudding’s Plan, But Reiju…

As Pudding left Reiju, Sanji immediately saves her by going up to her. Reiju wakes up confused but Sanji explains to her what he saw and fortunately, Reiju believes him. Sanji became desperate but Reiju proposes that they should act as if they knew nothing.

Sanji refuses but Reiju then started talking about the circumstances of Sanji’s birth. Reiju said that she could not forget this memory as their father wanted his children to be emotionless machines. Their mother, however, was against her husband’s plans.

One Piece 852 Spoilers: Sanji is Different From His Siblings

According to Reiju, their father wanted them to be emotionless machines and following his orders without any question. Their mother underwent a surgery against her own will. There was, however, a medicine which their mother took that will influence her bloodline’s genes.

All of her children lacked emotion, except Sanji. Their mother protected Sanji with all her life because he’s the child born with emotions. Reiju then tells Sanji that he’s not a failure and that he’s kinder than everyone else.

Reiju tells Sanji to escape and abandon the Germa but Sanji tells her that Reiju didn’t have to die. Reiju then said that they deserve to die as they’re all band of assassins. Reiju reveals that even though she still has emotions left, she won’t be able to refuse their father’s orders.

Will Luffy Save The Day? What Is Jinbei’s Plan?

From the last chapter, Jinbei pops out of nowhere to save and free Luffy and Nami. What’s Jinbei’s real plan from going out of his way to save the Strawhats? Will he finally join the Strawhats after leaving Big Mom?

Luffy, after being saved by Jinbei, managed to escape. He immediately runs to help Sanji despite his empty stomach. We are all excited to know if Jinbei will finally become a Strawhat and will Sanji ever forgive Pudding? Is she really evil or does she have a good motive? Watch out for more One Piece spoilers and updates!

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