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‘Once Upon a Time’ Spoilers: Zelena’s Fate in Rumple’s Hands? Belle Gets Cornered by Dark Lord’s Son?

The power of dark magic will become greater in the upcoming episodes of Once Upon a Time Season 6. Rumple will be stirring up great evils with his plans to kill the Wicked Witch and possibly endanger his own wife.

In the last episode, Rumple kissed the Evil Queen after she agrees to make a plot against Zelena. The doppelgänger of Regina looked glad that she had someone on her side. After all, she was just rejected by Henry because he chose to be permanently on the good side.

Rumple believes that taking Zelena’s life will let him earn back Belle’s love. Belle recently approached the Wicked Witch when she realized that her husband was back to his evil ways. The Evil Queen may be Zelena’s friend but she is on a mission to win over Henry with Rumple’s help.

TV Guide reports that the Wicked Witch’s ending is favorable to the show’s fans. Fans disliked that Zelena practically stole Regina’s true love, Robin Hood. She fooled him into sleeping with her and became her baby daddy.

The vengeful plan of Rumple against Zelena may serve as only the beginning of his horrible work. On YouTube, the trailer for the franchise’s Changeling episode was posted. The riddle maker was seen smashing anything that gets in his way and cornering Belle in Storybrooke’s library.

Another plot that will captivate viewers of Once Upon a Time Season 6 features Snow White and Prince Charming. Blasting News covered the current struggles of Snow and David with the sleeping curse. Snow finds out that the Evil Queen is spying on them so she smashes the mirror.

Viewers will have to anticipate if the heroine and hero can find their way to one another again. They will also see how the couple will also face the challenges of Rumple’s possible dictatorship over the town.

An ending for Once Upon a Time Season 6 is quite far away since there are several dramatic storylines being unfolded. The show airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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