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New Year 2017: Habits to Bid Goodbye to in 2016

New Year 2017 is the anthem of the season. Jubilations and celebrations are going around everywhere. Some hold on to things while others let go. While 2016 was pretty intense for a few people, for some others it was easy breezy.

Everyone would want to go to New Year 2017 light headed! (Well, no pun intended here!) While many resolutions will be made and broken, there are some that will be useful not just for the new year but for the rest of the year as well.

Here is a list of habits one can surely say good-bye to before heading to New Year 2017:

Be Kind To Yourself

While everyone talks about being kind to others, which is a good teaching- one often forgets about being kind to oneself. How many times have we self-depreciated- looking down upon our own self? Make a choice to look yourself in the mirror and be kind! If you were born, you were born with a purpose. Say Goodbye to being harsh with yourself!

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Shower Love and Kindness

There is nothing as too much love. The world needs those who shower love and kindness always. There is a broken and hurting world out there! Say good-bye to turning a blind eye! Wherever you are, wherever you need to be, be a light of hope and joy!

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Forgive And Move On!

Life is too short to hold on to bitterness. There is always strength inside if you to forgive. Say good-bye to holding on to bitterness! Don’t carry the load of unforgiveness as you head to the New Year 2017. But as you forgive, don’t forget to move ahead!

Let Passion Be Your Fuel!

Be passionate in all that you do! Have you lost the fire in your belly? Find ways to rekindle it. Pursue the beat of your heart! Don’t be afraid of the new- sometimes getting out of one’s comfort zone is where life starts! Say good-bye to what scares you! Embrace the new!

So as you head to New Year 2017, here’s wishing you a life bubbling with purpose and passion.

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