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Netflix Cheating: Can This Be A Cause Of Breakup

Netflix cheating is the new normal these days. Couples from all over the world who has a Netflix subscription can attest that they did cheat at one point. Meanwhile, the streaming giant revealed the statistics and it’s not looking good.

After a busy day at work, you line up your entire weekend with must-see TV series on Netflix. Unfortunately, your partner does not see it that way and eventually falls asleep. What do you do? This is the usual dilemma faced by Netflix cheaters.

Netflix cheating increased since 2013

The streaming giant has introduced a new form of cheating that is unforgivable for some spouses: Netflix cheating. A study reveals that this form of cheating has “increased threefold since 2013.” With series like Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad, and House of Cards to name a few, spouses cheat their partners by watching the episodes ahead.

The outlet notes that 81 percent are repeat offenders meaning they have probably watched Grey’s Anatomy ahead of their partners more than once. Meanwhile, a whopping 44 percent admits cheating more than three times. Some, who may not be bitten by the Netflix bug,  may roll their eyes but this is no laughing matter.

Fox News reports that this type of cheating has definitely gotten 18 percent of couples into a verbal argument with their partners. It is uncertain what is Netflix’s stand in this recent survey. However, their announcement reads: “In a binge-watching world where it’s easy to say just one more, Netflix cheating has quickly become the new normal.”

Who are the worst offenders?

Going back to the study, the aforementioned source notes that the worst Netflix cheaters live in South America, particularly Brazil and Mexico. However, there are viewers who still manages to avoid binge-watching on their own. Hail to Dutch viewers where 73 percent responded saying they have not Netflix cheated their spouses.

On the other hand, another form of cheating crops up, which is called “sleep cheating.” The definition for this form of cheating is: “watching a show after one’s partner falls asleep.” According to the source, Japanese Netflix viewers see this as unforgivable, while Chileans are cool with it.

Meanwhile, another fascinating number from the study reveals that 14 percent thinks Netflix cheating is worse than having an actual affair. Now, are you guilty with this too? Raise your hand and confess. We dare you.


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