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Naruto Creator Masashi Kishimoto Talks Live-Action Movie

Naruto is a manga character that has made its avenue into various other media. Starting from manga to TV series and movies as well, now a live-action movie is being planned. The project is being undertaken by Lionsgate studio. It will be a delight to see Masashi Kishimoto created character unravel some jutsu on the big screens.

The manga series on Naruto will now be made for the movie audience. It is not a surprise that a popular anime character’s story is being made into a live-action movie. It will be interesting to see who gets cast in the lead. Death Note is another popular manga series that is being made into a live-action movie. Masashi Kishimoto will be a part of the Naruto live-action project.

Naruto Live-Action: Who Is Making It?

Fans of Naruto can rejoice knowing that the series original creator Masashi Kishimoto will be a part of the project. However, he would not be directing the movie. The movie has fallen in the lap of a new director Michael Gracey. This will be his first project as a director.

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Gracey has earlier worked as visual effects supervisor on 2005’s The Magician, reports Game Spot. The project is much far along than one would think. The pre-production has begun. The release date of the movie is not out yet. However, knowing that Masashi is a part of the project brings good tidings of hope.

Masashi Kishimoto Speaks At Jump Festa, Japan

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A Naruto, Boruto stage show at the Jump Festa, Japan turned out to be a gala affair. Masashi Kishimoto spoke to fans at the event.  He spoke to the fans and made some exciting announcements. He disclosed that a new anime is coming up in 2017. The new offering will be a manga based on Naruto’s son Boruto.

Fans have been wanting to see where the story leads with Naruto’s next generation. The creator is confident that the upcoming anime will be better than Naruto. Well, he sure seems to be working hard on this project!

Exciting news for manga fans as Naruto live-action movie being produced and made is a confirmed news. Only left to see- who gets cast as Naruto in the movie?

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