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Miss Universe Top 3: Know More About Miss France, Miss Haiti, And Miss Colombia

The Miss Universe 2016 top 3 women — Miss Haiti, Miss France, and Miss Colombia were only one step away from taking home the crown. Miss France might have taken home the crown, but all three are queens in their own right.

Miss France Iris Mittenaere Now Miss Universe 2016

At 23, Miss France Iris Mittenaere has a lot up her sleeve. Her Miss Universe 2016 bio reveals she was born in the north of France in Lille. She’s also currently finishing her degree in dental surgery. She mentioned how she would push her platform of promoting dental and oral hygiene around the world. She is also an active volunteer for many causes, and loves to be “fresh, funny, and caring.” Miss Mittenaere definitely sounds like the modern age woman fit to take home the crown!

A report from Bustle reveals that there has only been one Miss Universe winner from France to date. And that was way back in 1953!

Iris Mittenaere’s big win tonight is definitely one for the books!

Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier

Raquel Pelissier holds a Masters in scientific research. The 24-year-old beauty speaks four languages and is an active and determined young woman who says she loves his country “Ayiti se fyète m, li dwe fyète nou tout pou sa chanje.” Most notable during this year’s pageant, she revealed how she took up Optometry after her family has been battling glaucoma. In high hopes, she is determined to find a cure for the disease. Pelissier succeeds Lisa Drouillard, Miss Universe Haiti in 2015.

Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar

Andrea Tovar is 23 years old who earned a degree in industrial design and photo production. Her opening dress for the Miss Universe 2016 pageant wowed the audience as she made her way to the event. Last year, the event’s biggest blunder took place when host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Tovar as the winner.

The best part about Miss Colombia was that she forgave Harvey for messing up! She accepted Harvey’s apologies, gracefully made her way through this year’s competition. Of course, occasional teasing and playful banter about what happened is still something that has been loosely thrown around.

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