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Miss Universe 2016: Top 5 Best Contenders After Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe 2016 is only a few days away! Yesterday, the preliminary competition was held, where all 86 hopefuls put their best foot forward. The ladies donned their evening-wear as well as swimwear and by now, followers of the event will have an even clearer idea about who has the biggest chance of taking home the crown. Many of them also looked as if they were ready to hit the runway for Victoria’s Secret!

Miss Universe 2016 Top 5 Contenders after preliminary competition

Last night, beautiful women from all over the world took the stage to showcase their fluidity in donning their evening wear, swimwear, as well as their national costumes. Everyone had a unique flavor that matched their personality. Check out our top 5 picks after last night’s preliminary competition.

We previously published our top 5 picks, also mentioning if the Philippines’ Maxine Medina will indeed have home field advantage. Not because of doctored score sheets, but rather Ms. Medina won the hearts of many owing to her simple yet elegant style that she confidently exudes once on stage. Even though audience impact is not part of the criteria, it played a key role that boosted the ladies’ confidence and performance on stage.

Another noteworthy contestant is Miss Thailand Chalita Suansane. She wore an elegant golden national costume which made her formidable presence stand out even more.

Next on the list is Miss Barbados Shannon Harris. She has generated much attention owing to her simple yet gorgeous looks. Her beauty smolders even when she has little makeup on! What a stunner!

Fourth on this list is Miss Colombia, Andrea Tovar. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Miss Tovar is back with a vengeance after last year’s unfortunate blunders. She matches her soft beauty with a strong personality, owning the catwalk whenever she struts.

We also think that Miss Venezuela, Mariam Habach made an impact last night. She confidently donned a beautiful dress that conjured images of a sea fantasy.

Miss Universe 2016 airs this Sunday at 7 PM ET/6 PM CT on FOX with Steve Harvey returning as a host, alongside new co-host Ashley Graham. Meanwhile, award-winning artists Flo Rida and Bruno Mars will also perform at the star-studded evening ceremony.

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