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Miss Universe 2016 Question and Answer: The Best and Worst Answers

Miss Universe 2016 Question and Answer segment just aired on television. The Top 6 finalists who made it to the portion were Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, France, Haiti and Colombia.

Some of the contestants among the Top 6 used an interpreter during Miss Universe 2016 Q&A portion. All of the six stunning ladies looked like a dream in their gowns.

Unfortunately, it was disappointing to see that most of the Top 6 contestants allowing their nerves get the best of them.

Miss Universe 2016 Question and Answer: Most Disappointing Ever?

Miss Universe 2016 Question and Answer did not have any ‘wow’ moments. The questions were politically loaded. Guess who was at the center of the question and answer segment- Donald Trump. Yes, he made it to the pageant as well- in one of the questions.

Miss Universe Q&A: Worst Answers

Miss Philippines, the most popular in the contestant was asked about a significant change she has seen in the last ten years. Capitalizing on the local sentiment, she replied by saying that she saw people coming together for an event like Miss Universe. She said, “As one nation we are all together”.

Next up was Miss Kenya- she was asked the most controversial question. Harvey asked her, “What are you most excited about and what are you most concerned about the presidency of Donald Trump”?

She was seen a bit shaken, starting with a fumble, she began again. Miss Kenya spoke about the current president being elected despite most not wanting him to be president but ended up on a positive note saying he ought to be given a chance.

Miss Thailand was asked to speak about the world leader she admires. It was not surprising that she spoke about the King of Thailand. She lauded the leader of her country for working on behalf of the Thai people and being like a ‘father’ to the country.

Miss Universe Q&A: Best Answers

Miss France got a tough question- she was asked about the most pressing situation in the world right now- the refugee crisis. The host asked her if ‘countries have the right to open or close” the borders on the refugees. She answeed that it is upon each country to decide on whether to close or open their borders. Not expected, but not unsafe either.

She said Europe has open borders and France is encouraging globalization. She ended the answer by saying that countries should have open borders as it helps one to travel the world and find “what’s out there”.

Miss Haiti also got another current phenomenon- the Women’s Marches. She had to answer the question of she would stand for during these marches if she had a chance. Taking a higher ground, she said that “We are all one species,” calling for everyone to respect each other.

Miss Colombia clearly became the contestant with the most riveting answer. She got a difficult question as well. Her question was, “Why is violence so rampant in the society and what could be done to stop it?”

With the help of an interpreter, she replies by saying, “Well, I come from a country that suffers violence.” She opines that the solution is to work together towards campaigns, respect and ‘inclusivity’. She drew the most applause when she said, one should be able to have a social transformation by educating the children.

Miss Haiti and Miss Colombia Won Hearts, Miss France Won the Crown

This year’s Q&A portion is as political as ever, it seems. As a result, some candidates probably played it too safe or gave in to their nerves. We can say Miss Colombia, Miss France, and Miss Haiti overcome these.

However, congratulations Miss France for winning the 65th Miss Universe Pageant!

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