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Miss Universe 2016: Miss Philippines Maxine Medina Teaches Fellow Candidates How To Eat Balut

Miss Universe 2016 news has been making rounds online owing to the hype brought about by the event. Earlier, Miss France Iris Mittenaere was hailed this year’s winner. The event was held in Manila, Philippines, and the country’s Maxine Medina showed the girls how to eat the world-renowned balut. Even though the pageant has already ended, all 86 girls did all exciting things in the Philippines, including trying out this notorious delicacy.

Miss Universe 2016 girls try out balut for the first time

The event is all about glitz and glam, so when Ms. Medina urged the girls to try balut, it was definitely an experience they would not forget. In the midst of all the girl talk, bonding, and what not, eating balut was certainly a surprise. Much like how other countries showcase their love for exotic food, the Philippines has this favorite street food staple to offer. Balut has always been one thing that never fails to make its potential diner squirm or cringe. It’s a boiled, fertilized duck egg that is eaten from the shell. Locals sometimes even add a dash of salt to truly bring out the flavor. Wonder how the girls did when they were offered this? Read on below!

Rappler mentions how Maxine taught her fellow Miss Universe 2016 contestants to eat balut. In fact, ladies from Vietnam, Cayman Islands, and the USA were said to sample balut.

This is how we do it yeah… ? this was yesterday while waiting at the backstage. #missuniverse2016

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Miss Universe 2016 ladies: What Filipino dishes did they like?

In an interview, Maxine told the Kami website that their friendship has definitely gone stronger since the first time they met each other. “All the contestants develop[ed] a strong bond going through this competition, because we are the only ones who truly understand what we are going through,” she said.

Interestingly, Maxine also revealed that her fellow contestants have already tried Filipino food during their stay in the country. She said that Kare-Kare and Sinigang became instant favorites. Much like previous Miss Universe 1993 winner Dayanara Torres who admitted that Sinigang is one of the reasons she loves the Philippines.

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