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Millennials The Musical: The Rock And Lin Manuel Miranda Roast Millennial Culture

Dwayne Johnson and Lin Manuel Miranda is treating us to the drama of a lifetime in Millennials The Musical. The Moana artists collaborated to bring us a satirical show that will highlight the idiosyncrasies of today’s millennials.

In the show, Johnson and Miranda introduced us to Crystal, the ultimate millennial who’s living the good life in New York—working for a start-up company in a hip neighborhood in Brooklyn, taking Soul Cycle classes during her free time, and was readying for the best Bumble date of her week. Suddenly, everything came crashing down because she lost her phone. How will she survive the day if she can’t post about what she’s doing and how she’s feeling?

Millennials The Musical showcases colorful characters

Upon learning that she lost her phone, Crystal was even more surprised to learn that her neighbor, Jack, who stopped by her apartment, is “disconnected.” An accountant, Jack uses a flip phone and doesn’t have any social media accounts. He doesn’t even know what a meme is.

Jack decided to go along with Crystal as she retraced her step from her work to her favorite artisanal spot, all of which are inhabited by a bunch of colorful characters. Her boss, for example, is a laidback rapper in the East Side who designed an app that will “get you laid and paid and bring back Harambe.”

Millennials The Musical

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Megs De Angelis

After a long adventure, the two finally realized that they have a lot in common than they originally think. Jack even began to appreciate memes in Millennials The Musical and Crystal enjoyed her day of being out-of-touch from the world. Can their budding relationship survive a day without social media and Netflix?

Johnson, Miranda are creative geniuses

Johnson and Miranda appeared in the beginning of the 14:29 video to introduce this mockumentary. The two just recently worked together in Moana—Johnson as a voice actor and Miranda a contributor of original music to the film’s soundtrack.

It has been quite a busy year for the two, with Johnson being named People’s Sexiest Man Alive and Miranda receiving multitude of awards and praises for his work in Hamilton. Surely, Millennials The Musical, which stars Megs De Angelis, will become a testament that the two artists have a good grasp of this newly emerged millennial culture.


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