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MAMA 2016 Ratings: Why Are People Calling It a Big Flop?

The Mnet Asian Music Awards is one of the most awaited award shows by fans and music enthusiasts alike. This year’s event had an impressive artist lineup -both Korean and international. This includes EXO, BTS, Zico, Timbaland, and Wiz Khalifa. Despite the fact that the show had plenty of performance highlights,  the MAMA 2016 ratings shows that it was barely watched by the people in South Korea.

MAMA 2016 Ratings: Lower than MAMA 2015

Picture credit: Screenshot from video "2016 MAMA Begins" taken from the official YouTube channel of Mnet K-Pop

Picture credit: Screenshot from video “2016 MAMA Begins” taken from the official YouTube channel of Mnet K-Pop

From the data that Nielsen Korea provided, MAMA 2016 ratings only had an average of 1.2% for all three parts. The first part had garnered 1.5% while the second part had 1.39%. The third part, which was when all of the major awards were given, only had 1.10%. In addition to that, the show’s target market – people who are 20-49 years of age – remained lower than 1%.

Last year’s MAMA had an average rating of 3%. This indicates that the 2016 event dropped half of its viewership. This could be attributed to MAMA 2015’s highlights such as 2NE1’s surprise performance, which became the highest viewed girl group performance during the awards show.

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What was the reason for such low ratings?

There is still no conclusive reason regarding the drastic drop in the ratings although there were speculations. Some netizens concluded that the absence of YG Entertainment artists was the main reason why MAMA 2016 ratings were low. Others thought that the performance lineup lacked KPop veterans like SHINee (even though Taemin was in the show), Sistar, B.A.P, BEAST, and Super Junior. Some netizens also wanted to see the  AOA, VIXX, IU, and Wonder Girls perform on the MAMA stage as well, claiming that MAMA 2016 was filled with too many rookie groups.

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MAMA 2016 was held in Asia World-EXPO, Hong Kong last December 2. Some notable winners of the event were BTS (Artist of the Year Award), EXO (Album of the Year Award), and TWICE (Best Female Group). As of the moment, Mnet has not yet released any statement regarding the show’s low ratings.

Why do you think MAMA 2016 lost half of its viewers?



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