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Little Taylor Swift Impersonator: Xia Vigor Wows As Axl Rose This Time!

In a time where people become famous by the minute, it was not a surprise to see Xia Vigor becoming a worldwide sensation. The seven years old singer from Philippines became a super star owing to her Taylor Swift impersonation. She appears in Filipino version of “Your Face Sounds Familiar.”

Your Face Sounds Familiar is a reality show where contestants sing and impersonate celebrities. The series started off in a Spanish version. Xia Vigor is participating in the show as an “Iconizer”. She soon became famous when her version of “You Belong to Me” became a viral sensation.

International Focus on Xia Vigor

As soon as she became a hit on the Internet, many publications started lining up. She also became the topic of discussion on many news channels. A controversy arose when host of Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan opined that the act sexualized “little girls”.

However, her parents came to quick defense for their daughter. They clarified that Morgan does not understand the Filipino culture. Vigor’s mother spoke to Mail Online and made her stand clear.

She says, “For Piers Morgan to say something like that, he’s a journalist, he should know his facts first before he commented on something that he doesn’t really know the full story. It’s not really fair on us for him to say something like that because as a mother I will never ever put my daughter in a situation where she will be sexualized. The program is within the context of a family-oriented show here and it’s purely entertainment.”

After Taylor Swift Comes Axl Rose Impersonation

Xia Vigor seems to be undeterred with all controversy surrounding her. In an interview, she says, “I really, really love what I’m doing. I feel so excited because people in every country are watching me. When I perform on stage, I always say to myself: “Xia, do your best”.” She definitely gave her best when she impersonated Axl Rose on the song ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’. With this performance, she also won the 3rd week of ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar”.

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