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Lady Gaga Revealed PTSD, Said That Spilling the Beans Will Help More

It looks like kindness is saving the day for a lot of people. Google said that kindness or niceness is the main ingredient of success. Now, Lady Gaga is declaring that kindness saved her from a disorder. Aside from that, she is also encouraging teens that it’s time to spill the beans.

Lady Gaga and the Curse of PSTD?

The Australian singer recently opened up that she is suffering from PTSD, which is short for post-traumatic syndrome. This is a mental disorder that usually happens when a person undergoes too much stress that he or she could handle. This often ails those who have experienced war, sexual abuse, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and serious accidents.

Those who are experiencing PTSD might also experience depression and resort to substance abuse. They might also experience some mental and physical health as well as memory and cognition problems.

Lady Gaga revealed this illness during her visit to the Ali Forney Center in New York. The center helps LGBT out-of-school youths who are also homeless. It was the first time the Bad Romance” singer talked about her illness.

Aside from sharing about her illness, she also said that kindness was what saved her. She said that it’s the kindness of her family and friends as well as her doctors that kept her going.

According to her, kindness is more than just an action. Rather, it is an action of love or showing love to someone. She said that this kindness is also the answer to all the violence and suffering that are happening around the world.

It’s time to spill the beans?

The award-winning singer shared that one of the ways she copes with PTSD is through meditation. Since she is not keen about talking to anyone about PTSD until her meeting with the young people, she said meditation was her solace. She might be vocal about her life but not about her illness. In 2014, she revealed during Howard Stern’s show that she was sexually abused when she was 19.

Her revelation served as her springboard in encouraging the young people not to keep their pains inside. She acknowledged how difficult it is to keep painful secrets but told the teens that keeping them inside will make their hearts rot.

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