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KPop Filipino Girl: YG Ent CEO Impressed; Possible Debut Under Agency Discussed!

Filipinos, raise your banners! A talented and beautiful Filipina named Chrisha Choo blew the judges away during the sixth season of K-Pop Star. The judges include prominent figures in KPop like Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment.

With her singing and dancing skills, this KPop Filipino girl might have secured her way into Korea’s entertainment industry.

The KPop Filipino Girl: Meet Chrisha Choo

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Chrisha Choo is a 17-year-old girl who hails from Cebu. She was scouted by Urban Entertainment last year and was brought to South Korea to become a trainee. The teenager then joined K-Pop Star to showcase her talents in singing and dancing.

Choo performed Urban Zakapa’s I Don’t Love You. She also danced to Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend, further impressing the panel. Park Jin Young commented, “She shines like a star when she sings and dances.”

Even Yang Hyun Suk was impressed with the KPop Filipino girl. “I want to take her ever since her first day in the competition. But I need to have a meeting with her CEO first.”

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Chrisha Choo and YG Entertainment

Filipinos were ecstatic when the KPop Filipino girl made headlines thanks to her talent. The hype was added when YG Entertainment’s CEO made the claim that he would like Choo to be under his agency. Some even suggested that Choo’s fate may be similar to Sandara Park prior to the latter’s debut in 2NE1.

Choo may not have won K-Pop Star but many are looking forward to what her career as a KPop artist will be like. YG Entertainment is home to world renowned acts like BIG BANG, Psy, and 2NE1 (formerly). The rookie groups, like Winner, iKon and BLACK PINK, are also enjoying their share of success in the music industry. With the reputation of YG artists both in Korea and worldwide, Chrisha Choo may become a super star if Yang Hyun Suk absorbs her into YG Entertainment.

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