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KPop Diet Tips: Are They Applicable to Everyone?

KPop idols are known for their fresh faces, top-of-the-notch fashion senses, and impressive energy during live performances. On top of that, they always sport a slim yet healthy frame that had fans curious on how the stars maintained such figures despite their hectic schedules. On variety talk shows, idols often share their KPop diet tips to those who want to incorporate said lifestyle in their own regimen.

KPop Diet Tips From Notable Stars

Photo Credit: Screenshot from the video "EXTREME KPOP DIET HABITS?" taken from the YouTube Channel Hallyu Back

Photo Credit: Screenshot from the video “EXTREME KPOP DIET HABITS?” taken from the YouTube Channel Hallyu Back

The KPop girl group Nine Muses recommends a diet where the food portions are controlled by three paper cups. According to members Sera and Hyemi, their diet consists of one cup of brown or multi-grain rice, one cup of fruits and vegetables, and one cup of a healthy side like nuts. The members also recommended to add a little bit of meat or chicken and increasing the proportion sizes a bit if extra energy is needed.

Another girl group, Sistar, has revealed their KPop diet tips. The quartet is known for their “dance-y” and bubbly yet occasionally sexy comebacks every summer. The leader, Hyorin, admits that she does not go on a strict diet. According to the power vocal, she just eats and then exercises regularly to maintain her physique.

Dasom, the youngest, revealed that she went on a one-food diet for three weeks to achieve her slim figure. She chose cucumbers because they’re low in calories, rich in calcium, and contain 96% water.

Super Junior’s Shindong is also known for consistently going on diets to present a healthier image to his fans. He revealed that he would always eat vegetable salads and even add walnut dressing to help enhance flavor without risking too many calories. He also keeps a diet journal to monitor his weight.

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Can everyone try these KPop diet tips?

Many KPop idols swear on their diet plans. Actress Seo In Young admits that the Banana Diet helped her lose weight. Korean sweethearts like Miss A’s Suzy and singer IU engaged in a diet consisting of sweet potatoes to help maintain their figure while exercising.

These diet plans may be followed even by those who are not in showbiz and just want to lose weight. Sweet potatoes and bananas are filling themselves, which can help a person cut back on one meal without feeling too hungry.

On the other hand, there are KPop diet tips that should not be followed. Sistar’s Soyou revealed that she lost excess weight by eating only one meal per day while exercising rigorously. Although it rewarded her with a great physique, she advised her fans not to follow it as she claims the diet is “too dangerous.”

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