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KPop 2016 Recap: Groups Who Dominated The Charts

In one week, 2016 will be officially over. Some describe this year as the worst while there are some who are alright with it. In this KPop 2016 recap, groups who stole the spotlight and dominated the music charts will be featured.

In the KPop industry, a lot has happened in the span of 12 months. There were new groups who debuted while there were also veteran groups who got disbanded or changed agencies. There were also celebrities who became the center of attention due to talent, personality, and the controversies that came along with the fame. In this KPop 2016 recap, here are some of the KPop groups who stole the spotlight.

KPop 2016 Recap: Who Ruled This Year?

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Hailing from YG Entertainment, BLACK PINK is a girl group who officially debuted on Aug. 8, 2016. Promotional preparations for the group began in 2012 and was the first girl group to debut under the agency after seven years. They debuted with the album Square One, which contained a double A-side Boombayah and Whistle. Both songs were a commercial success. BLACK PINK became the fastest act to hit the Billboard World Digital Songs chart with their debut singles. Despite being several months old, BLACK PINK has garnered multiple awards like Best New Artist and Best Music Video.


Fans of Bangtan Sonyeodan, A.R.M.Ys, agree that 2016 is a great year for the hip-hop dance group. This year, BTS released a compilation album called The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever and their second full-length studio album Wings. The music video for their recent comeback, Blood Sweat & Tears, reached over 6 million views within the first 24 hours of its release. The group’s Asian Tour tickets were sold out in all 14 concerts in 10 different cities in Asia. And in the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2016, BTS won the Artist of the Year Award.


The titan boy group from SM Entertainment is on a roll this year. Their single, Monster, became their first number one in the Billboard World Digital Songs chart, with Lotto succeeding the throne. In addition to that, the group also had a sub-unit called EXO-CBX. The trio, which consists of members Xiumin, Chen and Baekhyun, debuted with Hey Mama. The song topped the Billboard World Albums Chart and South Korea’s Gaon Chart. In addition to topping charts and winning in weekly music shows, EXO won various awards like a Disk Daesang and Bonsang for their album EXODUS and Album of the Year in the recently concluded Mnet Asian Music Awards 2016.

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KPop 2016 Recap: What’s Next For The Idols?

As 2016 comes to a close, it seems like various KPop groups are preparing for their 2017 activities. The industry is known for the lively, energetic performances with smooth choreography and live singing. Some may remember 2016 as the year when iconic groups like 2NE1 and 4MINUTE said goodbye to the entertainment world. However, that doesn’t stop the fans from looking forward to what kind of year 2017 will be for KPop.

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