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Katy Perry ‘shamed’ in front of beau Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry fans were happy to hear that her relationship with Orlando Bloom is still going strong after a series of reports that the two are heading to Splitsville. The two dispelled all the rumors after Perry posted a video of them spending Thanksgiving with her family. However, that created another ‘drama’ in Perry’s life.

During one episode of Stars Are Just Like Us, Perry’s dad Keith Perry was seen poking fun at Bloom during Thanksgiving. He looked at the camera and issued a warning saying, “Here comes the turkey for Thanksgiving,” while pointing at Bloom.

Perry then quipped jokingly saying, “You don’t choose your family, but I can’t quit ’em now.” The couple seemed to have enjoyed their visit with Perry’s family.

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom enjoy Thanksgiving

In one video which Perry posted on her Instagram, Bloom was seen in a red plaid ensemble while holding a baby. They then posed in front of the camera joking and extending their greetings to everyone with “Hello Internet.” With those happy moments documented, fans let out a sigh of relief knowing their favorite couple are still intact.

nuff said.

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Prior to this, break up rumors between the two have been making the rounds on the Internet. The rumors were supposedly fueled by the fact that they haven’t seen the couple together for quite some time after being inseparable before that. The two confirmed that both of them are busy fulfilling each of their professional commitments– he for a film project and she for a new single, perhaps.

For his part, Bloom posted a short video of him and his son sledding down the mountain on his Instagram page. A woman’s voice, sounding like Perry’s, can be heard shouting in the background. The video was captioned “Ice, ice baby.”

Perry has hung out with Bloom and his son quite a few times already. She even went with them during a vacation trip to Disneyland Shanghai.

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