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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Eliza Minnick Is Out To Get Arizona, Calzona Fans Pissed

The newest addition to Grey’s Anatomy isn’t getting so much love from the fanbase, especially from Calzona fans. Marika Dominczyk, who plays Eliza Minnick the new surgical consultant, isn’t so popular, what with her getting Meredith Grey suspended in the most recent episode. Eliza also seems to be interested in Arizona, pissing off Calzona fans at that.

Grey’s Anatomy: Calzona Fans Not Pleased

In the show, Arizona and Eliza seem to be flirting around each other, which caused the Calzona fandom to be pissed. Callie has left Grey’s Anatomy and this is the first season (aside from season 1) without her. But that doesn’t mean the fans have left their ship as well.

According to TVLine, Dominczyk told them with a laugh that Calzona fans are crazy. But it’s only because the show’s fanbase that’s been going on for 13 years is still going strong. Dominczyk said that she appreciates the passion these fans have for the characters of the show. She’s also happy that she’s part of it, even if it is on the “negative receiving end”.

In addition, Dominczyk said that she tries not to explore too much of her character on the internet lest the whole thing would make her see more of fans’ dislike over Eliza. Dominczyk shared that she only concentrates on her work or else all these comments about her will drive her crazy.

Her husband Scott Foley, who used to be on the show as well, advised her to stay off Twitter. This probably seems like a good idea since Twitter is a place where majority of the fanbase goes off to rant about the show and Dominczyk definitely wouldn’t want to be caught in it.

On Being The Villain

What does Dominczyk think about being the villain? According to the interview, it’s “kind of fun”.

But Dominczyk also added that Eliza’s character isn’t one to mix pleasure and business since she takes her job seriously. So Calzona fans shouldn’t have anything to be worried about… for now.

This week’s episode will have viewers witness Eliza’s surgical skills. Dominczyk said that this would be her biggest episode so far. Maybe viewers would find some redeeming quality about her by the end of it.

As for staying throughout the show, TVLine said that Dominczyk expressed that she hopes Eliza would stick around. However, we wonder if the fanbase thinks of the same way.

It only goes to show that Dominczyk is a great actress for stirring up all these feelings from everyone on Grey’s Anatomy. Despite her being the “villain”, it’s nice to see people invested on the show even further.

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