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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Charlie Weber Teases Possibility of Frank’s Death?

Viewers will soon know the identity of the man under the sheet as another name got eliminated from the list of assumed victims on How to Get Away With Murder Season 3.

On the previous episode, it was revealed that Connor was safe from the fire that consumed Annalise’s house according to Bustle. It turns out that during the event, he was with the guy who became Oliver’s short-term flame.

Meanwhile, Frank was trying to earn back Annalise’s trust. He traveled from one town to another just to perform the bidding of his employer. He shot Wes’ dad as well and killed Bonnie’s father too.

Plus, Frank went after the woman who was responsible for the death of the professor’s unborn child. Frank might have been expecting Annalise to have forgiven him by now. However, things went differently when he went to see the professor.

Their encounter ended with Frank pointing a gun at himself. Annalise dared him to pull the trigger while Bonnie tried to stop him. With all the bad things happening on his side, will this, later on, lead Frank to die?

Charlie Weber, the actor who plays Frank, shared some bits of information about his character on How to Get Away With Murder Season 3. During his interview with Variety, Weber said that it is possible for Frank to die since he is in very bad place. However, he still wants to live and he wants Annalise to want the same thing for him too.

The actor said that Frank and Annalise’s reconciliation greatly depends on the professor. Frank hopes that she forgives him or at least tell him how can he be forgiven. He wants to go home to the family which includes him, Bonnie and Annalise.

Weber also shared that it is possible that the storyline regarding the woman in Frank’s past, the burner phone and Wes and Charles Mahoney are intertwined. He said that it is possible that the viewers will get to see more of the woman in the future.

Lastly, it is widely speculated that the man under the sheet could be either Frank or Nate. When the outlet asked Weber for some clue about it, the actor only answered, “I can only say that it’s rough and very sad.”

Catch How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 every Thursday, 10 p.m. on ABC.

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