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George Lucas Art Museum: Know What Kind of Art It Will Host

The George Lucas Art Museum has finally found its home in LA. The producer, most noted for his work on the Star Wars mega-franchise, has decided that Los Angeles is the perfect spot for the inclusive home for his gallery. Fans of his narrative work are already getting excited to see what kind of work will fill up such a museum.

We know that the construction of the 100,000 square-foot museum will provide over a thousand new construction jobs and three hundred permanent ones upon its completion. The snazzy exterior concept art is certainly worth the weight of its billion dollar investment. But what about the interior? What kind of work will be included in the museum? Here’s what we know.

Things From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

No George Lucas Art Museum would be complete without some items from his most famous work. The gallery will host props, pieces of visual effects, and other such memorabilia from the movies. Given that the Star Wars saga spans three decades of storytelling and movie magic, there’s no shortage of choices.

The museum’s website says as much in their statement: “The museum will present original work by world renowned and emerging artists, cutting-edge digital technologies, and daily film screenings in state-of-the-art theaters.”

George Lucas has picked L.A. for the home of his new museum! Exposition Park is the future location of The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. The non-profit museum’s web site says it “features a bold new architectural design,” and “will be a one-of-a-kind gathering place to experience collections, films and exhibitions dedicated to the power of visual storytelling and the evolution of art and moving images.” It also claims that 1,500+ new construction jobs and 350+ new permanent jobs will be added to the area. Over $1 billion is being invested by Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson, and they say there will be no cost to taxpayers. Photo courtesy Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

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Let’s just list down some guesses for possible pieces that will be made available for fans all over the world to ogle- original script drafts from the original Star Wars Trilogy, complete with handwritten annotations; Stormtrooper and Clone Trooper helmet designs through the years; lightsabers of every model imaginable. Plus, daily re-runs of various Star Wars films. Feeling strong with the Force yet?

Other Works of Art

The museum remains a “George Lucas Art Museum”, however, not just a Star Wars Museum. According to, the museum will also house Norman Rockwell Paintings, Mad Magazine covers, and various pieces of photography and children’s art.

The one thing they’ll all have in common? Pieces that are definitive in the art of storytelling. As the museum is being officially called the “Museum of Narrative Art”, expect that they’ll be pieces meant to inspire young storytellers of every medium available. Sci-fi will certainly be a preferred genre. But the museum is meant to be inclusive. Perhaps, we’ll also need to expect the unexpected.

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