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Brace Yourselves! Game of Thrones Makeup Collection Is Coming

If you’re a fan of HBO’s hit fantasy drama series Game of Thrones and at the same time, love prettifying yourself, you’re in luck. There have been talks making rounds online saying that a possible collab to come up with Game of Thrones makeup may actually happen! Of course, this is not only limited to lady fans of the shows, because these also could make amazing gifts to your lady friends.

Get to know more details about the upcoming makeup collection, who’s behind the possible tie-up, and when it should be available in stores.

Game of Thrones makeup collection is coming

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An interesting report from Teen Vogue revealed that a Game of Thrones-inspired makeup collection could possibly happen! Beauty company Storybook Cosmetics took to Instagram to reveal makeup inspired by the hit TV show. The brand even teased how the possible collection would look like, showcasing house-inspired lipsticks, an Iron Throne-inspired compact, a GOT book-shaped palette, and a brush with a sword handle. Storybook is the same brand behind the Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes.

While the soon-to-be products have yet to be approved by HBO, the brand notes on the Instagram post that they hope that the network sells them the licensing rights to push through with the project. To date, there hasn’t been any response from HBO, so the Game of Thrones makeup collection still pretty much not a certain thing for now.

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Game of Thrones makeup is getting everyone ecstatic; plus season 7 updates

Game of Thrones in itself is enough to get fans so excited. Whether you read the books, watch the TV series, or both, any die hard GOT fan is sure to want to cop this collection if it comes to be. Interestingly, another report from Bustle just got fans even more stoked after the outlet sent Storybook Cosmetics an email to ask about other details about the collection.

To which, the cosmetics brand replied with, “Yes, we are in the beginning stages of trying to secure licensing. We have our fingers crossed that we can make this GoT concept a reality since we are huge fans ourselves!”

Game of Thrones is currently getting ready to release its seventh season next year, though filming doesn’t finish until next month. It can be remembered that the production was delayed due to the weather not being gloomy enough, considering season 7 will be the show’s last.

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