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The Flash Spoilers: Barry To End Evils of Savitar New Dictator Twist for The Invasion Revealed

The latest speculations about The Flash Season 3 are becoming intriguing because of the mysteries surrounding its new villains. It is believed that Savitar will be coming on the franchise and other hints suggest a different formidable foe might face the DC characters in its crossover episode.

Viewers last witnessed Dr. Caitlin Snow fail at getting rid of her Killer Snow instincts. As she tried to get help from her mother, Dr. Tannhauser, she ended the life of a scientist trying to expose her powers. Her mother then tells Caitlin that the powers must not be used or else its evil characteristics would take full control.

It is confirmed that Snow and her team of friends will now be facing even greater anti-heroes. It is rumored that the team’s leader, Barry Allen, might have a dramatic and action-packed showdown with Savitar.

Screen Rant posted photos of Barry Allen in his red suit with a tall figure in a black costume. It states that the unknown character may be Savitar. The site further recalled the interesting story of the villain.

The foe, who was a fighter pilot during the Cold War, gained his powers while testing a supersonic jet. The jet was hit by lightning and the pilot then discovered he had super speed. He began doing evil acts when he learned he could also transfer his abilities to others.

In the original comics, Barry Allen eventually kills Savitar. It is yet to be determined if the same intense moments will be revived for the television series. Whether or not the said new villain will be Savitar, his fate will be a must watch.

Other Season 3 spoilers include the fact that Arrow, the Legends, and Supergirl will finally be coming on the show. They will be working with Barry and Central City’s heroes to take down an alien force that wants to destroy the earth. The episode is appropriately entitled The Invasion! states the series will be having a different story line than the comics. These aliens’ minds would be controlled by an unidentified dark force on The CW. The force could be a mighty tyrant that these heroes will be ultimately challenged by.

Interesting plots about intriguing villains are ensured to be part of The Flash Season 3. It airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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