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Five Reasons Why Breaking Up Is A Blessing

Heartbreak is probably one of the last few things anybody would want to experience. C.S. Lewis says, “To Love is to be Vulnerable”. When we love someone, we also take a risk to have our heart broken. A break up can bring up very vivid emotions in each one of us.

The intensity shared between two people in a relationship, the time invested, the memories together- all these factors and much more decide how we respond to a break up. Some feel it is the end of the world while others try to shrug it off and valiantly move ahead.

As painful as the word break up sounds, some find unexpected happiness in the process. There are times we don’t know what we are missing in life until we lose something or someone. So here are five reasons (hope you find many more) to smile when you break up.

Reason#1 You become more independent

To have someone as the other half of your life and then to have them move away is not an easy thing to recover from. But when you go through a break up and you realize that you are still able to breathe and live life on your terms, it leaves an insane amount of confidence inside you. The fact that you had an unpleasant experience but you are still able to walk ahead is a good sign for your own self.

Reason#2 You discover new things, new strengths

Relationships need a lot of investment and mostly an investment of time. It is quite possible that you spent most of your time with your partner. Once a break up happens, you may not know what to do with the time you have left. It is a good time to discover new things to do. Solo Trips seem to be a rage these days or picking up any hobby that you lost in the monotony of life.

Reason#3 Everything is clearer now

Not all relationships go through an amicable separation. Some involve endless conversations and countless back and forth. A nagging relationship holds a good capacity to bog you down. But once it’s over, you see a clearer vision for your life. You are able to sense what you want from life and are ready to go for it!

Source: Relatably

Reason#4 You become a better person

A lot of introspection occurs when someone close walks away from your life. No matter what the nature of the break up was, you learn great lessons. They say pain is the best teacher. You learn from the mistakes you made, you look at life in a different light, you learn to forgive and you also learn to be empathetic.

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Reason#5 What doesn’t kill you can make you stronger 

The risk of getting hurt is worth it when it leaves back valuable lessons for us. To acknowledge your brokenness is one of the bravest things’ to do. You can be broken but you don’t have to stay broken. The biggest turn-around in one’s life comes from deep seated brokenness.

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