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Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 517 – Acnologia’s True Powers Revealed!

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 517 won’t be out until next week and fans couldn’t wait for the Erza and Wendy Belserion fight. Now that Irene enchanted herself into Wendy’s body, how will Erza fight her mother when it means killing Wendy in the process?

The latest chapter could reveal the answer but until then, let’s look at the character that we must never ignore – Acnologia.

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 517: Acnologia’s True Power, Why Is He Overpowered?

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Acnologia belongs to the first generation of Dragon Slayers from the Dragon War 400 years ago. After killing humans and Dragons, he began to transform into a dragon and then proclaimed himself as the Dragon King.

One of the mysteries, Acnologia’s true nature of his powers, remains unknown. Did he just luckily had a Dragon that was overpowered, like Belserion is to Irene? Or aside from becoming a dragon himself, all those he killed had an effect on his power?

One of the circulating fan theories states that Acnologia may have acquired the power of all the dragons he killed. Just like Mirajane, Acnologia may have Dragon soul which gives him the ability to capture the power of the dragons he slaughtered. This backs up the plot as to why not even August, Irene or Zeref could defeat Acnologia without the Fairy Heart.

What Will Happen When END and Natsu Meet?

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As the manga progresses, Natsu also slowly wanders through his subconscious, discovering his real past. From the latest chapter, Natsu meets Igneel, and Igneel confirmed that he is indeed, dying. However, Natsu couldn’t possibly die like the death as we know it. This ‘dying’ could mean that he will simply lose himself and his body will become END fused with his Dragon Seed.

Considering Hiro Mashima’s plot pattern, someone special could seal END before it could produce mass destruction. Lucy could seal END using her celestial powers; however, she no longer knows the whereabouts of all 12 keys. Every chapter gives us more questions as to what would happen to the hero of Fairy Tail.

Watch out for more Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 517 updates!

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