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Fairy Tail 517: Irene’s Defeat May Be A Clue To Acnologia’s Weakness

In Fairy Tail 517, Wendy Belserion will surely reveal the inevitable battle between Erza and Wendy. Irene enchanted herself into Wendy’s body to become human again. However, Irene’s magic power decreased after transferring into a human body.

In the next chapter, we will see Erza fight Wendy. In the previous chapters, Erza, together with Wendy, went all out in fighting her mother, Irene Belserion. Because of this, Erza managed to create some damage into Irene which impressed the latter.

Fairy Tail 517: Erza May Now Defeat Wendy Belserion

Now that Irene enchanted herself into Wendy’s body, Erza now stands a chance against her. We all know how Irene overpowers almost all characters and even manages to impress Acnologia. With her decreased magic powers, the only thing that’s left for Erza to do is to actually defeat her mother in a one-to-one combat.

Erza will hesitate to kill Irene in Wendy’s body; she knows that Wendy will not hesitate to die in order to defeat Irene. We might see a power struggle in Wendy’s body as the whereabouts of Wendy’s soul remains unknown. All Erza needs to do is to go all out against Wendy Belserion.

Irene And Acnologia’s Weakness May Be Similar

When we actually think of it, Acnologia and Irene Belserion didn’t really have that much difference. Both Irene and Acnologia killed dragons from 400 years ago and both entered dragonification state. The only difference between them lies with whom they killed, as Acnologia killed dragons and humans alike.

Irene is likely to be much more powerful than Acnologia as she’s a dragon and a high enchantress. She even cast a spell powerful enough to change the whole geographical structure of Earthland. She may know the ONE Magic as she gets compared to August, who’s said to know all types of magic.

Is it safe to assume that we may have overestimated Acnologia’s true powers? What makes Acnologia different that the entire plot revolves around defeating this human-turned-dragon? In another article, we’ve discussed how the killings may have affected Acnologia’s true abilities, making him powerful enough as hundreds of dragons.

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