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Ellen DeGeneres Escapes ‘Breast Joke’ Case

A case filed against Ellen DeGeneres was thrown out of court by a Georgia judge. The case was by a real estate agent who thought Ellen’s jab at her name on national television wasn’t funny at all. Read on below for more details on the case and the infamous boob joke.

Ellen DeGeneres Boob Joke

The incident happened during Ellen DeGeneres segment “What’s Wrong With These Signs”. Ellen showed up a signage of a real estate agent named Titi Pierce. Ellen pronounced her name as “titty” which brought forth the boob joke.

Titi Pierce did not find the jab funny like what the rest of the world thought. Pierce’s name is pronounced “Tee Tee” and she sued Ellen for it. However, the Georgia judge who handled the case tossed it out of court and educated her on the English language instead.

According to the judge, the letter “i” can be pronounced in so many ways. Titi Pierce may have chosen to pronounce her name with an “e”. But the judge said that there is also nothing wrong in pronouncing it with an “i”.

The Case

Prior to revealing the realtor’s sign, the segment also showed a sign that said “Nipple Convalescent Home”. Pierce’s sign was showed afterwards. Ellen jokingly added that Titi Pierce may have spent some time in that nipple home, drawing laughter from the audience.

Titi Pierce sued Ellen and the show’s producers saying that the segment led to harassment on her end. She had been receiving prank phone calls when Ellen showed the signage with her name and phone number, although in the video seen on Youtube, the number was already blurred out.

Pierce said she felt “humiliated” and would like for Warner Bros. to stop airing the episode and take it off of the internet, especially on social media sites. But seeing as the case was tossed out according to TMZ, the episode and a clip of the segment still remains on the internet.

“What’s Wrong With These Signs” is a segment on Ellen’s show that features signs taken from viewers and sent to Ellen DeGeneres on the program that people found was LOL-worthy. You can watch a clip of the Titi Pierce sign below.

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