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Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Review: Future Trunks Arc Conclusion Feels Like ‘Fairy Tail’

The Future Trunks arc was concluded in Dragon Ball Super episode 66. Does it adapt the Fairy Tail formula in the last minute?

Spoiler Alert: This article contains major spoiler for Dragon Ball Super episode 66. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.

In the previous episode, Goku’s Kamehameha did not entirely work on Zamasu. But because of the fact that Zamasu is merged with Black, he was somehow affected by the attack.

It was surprising to see Zamasu struggling. Many thought he was supposed to be immortal. But merged Zamasu had been damaged.

Many feel the adrenaline rush when they finally realized that Zamasu has a weakness, after all. And of course, many who expected Vegito will show up since the preview teaser featured his battle against merged Zamasu.

The fierce fight between good and evil really had people drawn. Fans were rooting for Vegito punching in the air like yeah! He was definitely strong and many believed that he would nail it.

Both the animation and the acting were superb. All that shouting from Zamasu made viewers cringe. The villain was really mad at Goku, always yelling at him.

It convinced fans that Goku will be the character who will bring peace back. Yet, Goku and Vegita’s fusion did not last long.

Why? Viewers thought it will last for one hour. The episode did not give any answer, so perhaps the next one will cover the explanation for that.

Moving on, Future Trunks took the spotlight. When the kids were rooting for Future Trunks and lights began to envelop their bodies, people thought they were familiar with this scene.

I remember a certain scenario from the anime Fairy Tail. It was when Erza Scarlet turned the fairies’ overwhelming support into strength.

This is common to Fairy Tail. The characters’ power-ups came from the people surrounding them.

On the contrary, the protagonists in Dragon Ball always had to go through immense training to achieve their desired strength. Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball are two different worlds.

These two anime have different ways to portray their power. Sometimes it got compared. But I did not totally disagree with “new” Dragon Ball twist.

In the last minute, applying the Fairy Tail’s formula in Dragon Ball Super episode 66 was a bit off.

Perhaps, it was just me or maybe some other fans who were not satisfied, as well. The story was a bit rush. I was craving for more Vegito and Zamasu action.

Yet, what is done is done. So, the next episode will probably close the Future Trunks arc. Vegeta, Bulma and Goku are going to return to the past.

Photo Source: Dragon Ball Super Official Website

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