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Code Geass Season 3: Is Sunrise Animation Milking The Franchise?

Sunrise just recently announced Code Geass Season 3,Lelouch of the Revival. The studio announced the future project with a production video during the franchise’ 10th anniversary. Whether the new addition will be a movie or a series isn’t clear yet.

Code Geass Season 3: Is it absolutely necessary?

While the fans are excited to get more from their beloved anime, some are skeptical as to whether a new installment is necessary. The staff confirmed that Lelouch V. Britannia is indeed alive in the new project and not as a clone or an alternate dimension version of him. The anime series ended with questions as to Lelouch’s whereabouts. Fans wanted to know what happened to him and whether he was alive or became a God.

A lot of fans think that Code Geass should be left the way it is. It’s left a bittersweet feeling on the fans and everything was concluded brilliantly. A Japanese alternate ending, however, might have confirmed that Lelouch was actually alive living the normal life of a farmer.
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2

Sunrise is just milking the franchise

Sunrise is known for its mecha anime like Code Geass, Gundam series and Accel World. If Sunrise is known for one thing, that is milking their series dry. Gundam series is horribly long not including the OVA and the movies. It has too many versions and spin-offs. The Gundam merchandise’s revenue alone would total up to billions of dollars excluding the licensing.

Accel World and Love Live! both have specials and shorts the studio sells which don’t actually relate to the original plot of their respective anime. Gintama, which is another popular anime produced by Sunrise, is getting its last season. Gintama is also known for being the longest running action-comedy series. It is still uncertain if Gintama movies will follow its final Season 8.

Sunrise not looking at the right direction

Despite the popular Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans getting a second season, most of Sunrise’s currently airing series are lackluster. Aside from the new Gundam series, the next highly rated anime from Sunrise right now is Magic-Kyun! Renaissance; only scoring an average of 7.17.  Sunrise neglected Cowboy Bebop even though the series has gained worldwide popularity. Sunrise should at least add another season of Daily Lives of High School Boys; another series that is ranked 136 in MyAnimeList.


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