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‘Clash Royale’ Tornado: Everything Players Should Know About the new Spell Card

There is a new card player on the beloved game, Clash Royale. See all information gathered to know how effective Tornado can be.

Tornado is included in the Nov. 11, 2016 content update.  This spell card can be unlocked on Arena 6 Builder’s Workshop or higher.

As for its ability, the Tornado can pull in troops within its range causing damage. Strategically, the new card is both ideal for offense and defense.

For instance, if the opponent is trying to lure the player’s troops away from its lane, this can be resolved by having the Tornado pull the battalion back on its track.

As the quote says, this is like hitting one bird with two stones. The player gets his troops back on its lane, at the same time,  deals a fair amount of damage on his foe’s cavalry unit.

If players want to counter a giant, Tornado can pull the big guy along with Sparky. The charging Sparking is worth the wait since this will give a massive damage on the giant.

The Giant Skeleton and the Tornado combination is also exemplary. It can snatch the opponent’s Barbarians counter push. This can drag the army towards the bomb in time for its explosion.

In defense, when the towers have already made some damage, the player can use the new spell card to alter an incoming attackers’ route.

If the enemy troops start walking, they will just resist the Tornado. Thus, players need to place the card when the foe’s army is still at full stop.

On the other side of the coin, Clash of Royale players may use the Tornado to clump the opponent’s troops and get rid of them with splash damage army like Wizard.

Likewise, having the Fireball do the work is a good choice. If so happens that fans lose a tower and need to counter a Royal Giant, they can use the Tornado to target the higher HP (Health Points) King Tower.

The Tornado spell card can also counter Miner. It can lure the miners toward the King Tower instead of attacking the lower HP towers.

Players may also want to put a building placement in the middle to make the opponent’s tanker or push to target it instead of the towers.

Tornado is also effective against the Inferno Dragon. The card can draw it away from the players’ territory.

Subsequently, fans need a Zap spell or a troop to completely lure the dragon.

With Clash of Royale‘s Tornado, players might want to include Wizard and Furnace on their deck.

But take note, Rocket spell can end the Wizard and Royal Giant combination and a Fireball can dispose the player’s Furnace.

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