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BOYS24 Kicks Hwayoung Out, This Is What The Members Have To Say

BOYS24 Hwayoung is now being kicked out, not just from the group but also from the company. The reason for such decision came from a leaked video of Hwayoung badmouthing the fans. Hwayoung expressed his disgust of the fans in the leaked video and how much he hates Hi-Touch.

BOYS24 Hwayoung Now Out Of The Group

Hwayoung said in the leaked video how he dislikes being called by fans ‘oppa’ which is a Korean endearment. He also said that he hates doing the Hi-Touch where he holds hands and greets fans after their concert. Further angering and hurting his fans was his admission in the leaked video that when he meets 700-800 people a day, he feels like puking. Hwayoung also said that the fans’ breaths smells bad.

The leaked video angered fans not just of BOYS24 but also of the other idol groups. Some expressed how idols owe their successes to their fans who supported them in their career. CJ E&M released an official apology to the fans right after the leak of the video.

The agency revealed that they already warned the idol about his privacy issues and his reputation.

CJ E&M Removes Hwayoung Permanently, Contract Terminated

In their apolicy, the agency revealed their decision to kick out Hwayoung from their group and terminate his contract. This decision came from their concern of the image of the entire group and other members who love their fans.

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Meanwhile, the video is now removed by the original uploader. Whether the video was manipulated or not, the fact still remains that Hwayoung said those things about his fans. An anonymous user also posted an apology admitting that he manipulated the video in order for the artist to say those things.

The members of the idol group remains silent regarding the incident although they would most probably express their regret sooner or later. What could do now is to show their fans how much they appreciate their support in order to make up the things Hwayoung said.

Fans Respond With Jokes And Memes

Despite the fact that Hwayoung said something bad about them, some fans decided to just make jokes out of it. In one tweet, a user posted a breath mint and labeled it as the “I-Want-To-Meet-Hwayoung Starter Pack.” Another said that Hwayoung doesn’t have talk to fans if he leaves BOYS24.

Other fans, however, started to doubt which idols actually like their fans. Some even go as far as saying that the Hwayoung controversy now scares them as idols might actually be hating them despite looking as if they are pleased and happy with their idolization.

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