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Big Bang Weekly Idol: Finally! Find Out What To Expect From This Episode!

Big Bang fans, or V.I.Ps, are in for a treat. It has been confirmed that Big Bang Weekly Idol will finally happen! Ten years after their debut, the titan boy group will make an appearance at last in one of the most watched talk shows in South Korea.

Weekly Idol is a variety talk show host that airs once a week in South Korea. The show is hosted by comedian Jeong Hyeong-don and rapper Defconn. Like with all variety shows, Weekly Idol has its own set of entertainment segments like Random Dance Play, Rewritten Profile, and Win Against Idol.

Big Bang Weekly Idol: A Gift For the Fans

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It was announced that Big Bang will appear as guests in Infinity Challenge and Radio Star. Curiosity began to arise among the fans and media as the news of the group’s possible appearance in Weekly Idol surfaced. YG Entertainment confirmed the news and even added that they wish fans will support Big Bang on the talk shows.

According to All KPop, an insider from YG Entertainment commented that Big Bang Weekly Idol is for the fans. However, YG Entertainment’s CEO changed his mind and decided that the Fantastic Baby singers finally take part in the variety shows.

“CEO Yang thought of the fans this time. He considered that the V.I.Ps won’t get to see Big Bang as a whole for a long while because T.O.P will be doing his mandatory military service,” the insider said.

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When will the episode air?

According to Yibada, a source from MBC Every1 confirmed that Big Bang Weekly Idol episode will air within the first two weeks of January. Filming will begin next week.

Back in 2013, Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon made an appearance in Weekly Idol for Jeong Hyeong-don. This will be the first time that the group will appear as a whole in the variety talk show. Other YG artists who also appeared as guests were Black Pink, Winner and Sechskies.

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