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Bachelor Fantasy League Is A Thing And It’s Really Happening

Bachelor Fantasy League — Many people know fantasy leagues from sports. May it be for football or basketball, the fantasy league concept has gained popularity filling in the shoes of so-called “managers” and taking charge of a team. From choosing the roster of players, choosing who to substitute others with and so forth, virtually anyone can take charge and be at the helm of managing a sports team.

Interestingly, the fans of the reality TV show The Bachelor are in for a treat! ABC and ESPN teamed up and launched The Bachelor Fantasy League where viewers can choose who’s going where as the show is airing. While it sounds absurd at first, since it’s way different than the usual fantasy leagues per se, read on to get more details about it.

Bachelor Fantasy League: How to get started

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For the show’s 21st season, The Bachelor is launching its official fantasy league. Anyone can now compete against friends or family for prizes as Nick Viall finds his lady love this season.

According to a report from E! News, the mechanics are simple. Fans can register to play on The Bachelor Fantasy League page. Starting Dec. 28, fans can choose who will make it to hometown dates, and ultimately, win Nick Viall’s heart.

There will be weekly games too, and the picks previously made can be changed until week three of the show. Every correct prediction will let you earn points and the goal is to get the highest number of points possible. Anyone can play using their browser or the ABC app.

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Bachelor Fantasy League is getting fans excited!

Interestingly, Variety also dubs the new league as The Bachelor Fantasy League sweepstakes to make it clear that this “does not constitute gambling.”

The grand prize is a trip to Los Angeles to watch the taping of The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose, as well as two tickets to Disneyland.

The newest season of The Bachelor will start airing on Jan. 2 on ABC.

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