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Avatar Theme Park: Take A Peek Inside Disney’s Newest Magical Attraction

Avatar Theme Park is the much anticipated by fans of the James Cameron-directed film. The release date for the film’s sequel has already been announced. And avid followers of the movie franchise are very excited about Disney’s newest theme park too. In time for Christmas, Disney released a video teaser of Pandora: The World of Avatar. The teaser is set to open next summer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

It is undeniable that Avatar is a world everyone wants to see up close, given its stunning aesthetics. So if you want to know more about Disney’s newest magical attraction, read on.

Avatar theme park: See Pandora up close

The sneak peek video features Avatar director James Cameron and Disney’s Senior Vice President of Creative Imagineering Joe Rohde. The duo talks about the newest attraction.

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“It’s a stunning amount of innovation to make one believable world — Pandora,” Rohde said. Moreover, the project will feature two major rides, including a canoe journey along the Na’vi River. The ride will also showcase a “bioluminscent rainforest” and a ride on the Ikran, the dragon-like predators of Pandora. Fans will definitely enjoy the sparkly glow once they’re inside, similar to how beautiful the visuals were in the 2009 movie.

“I don’t even know if I can even express how it feels to see something that I imagined in 1995 suddenly made physically real,” Cameron said.

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Avatar theme park features stunning visuals

On a tangent, Movie Fone also reports that everything in Pandora is custom-designed and made. Even the plant structures provide lifelike effects that “glow and pulsate when touched.” However, the whole project wasn’t an easy one. Even director James Cameron mentioned how doubtful he was when they were initially planning for Disney’s newest attraction.

“I was very skeptical that it was even physically possible to build the world of Pandora. This was a crazy thing to try to do.” He went on to say how there are also surprises in store for every fan at the end of that river ride. Aptly dubbing it as something “you’ve never seen in your life.” Cameron even got fans more excited when he explained how there will be plunging, diving, and even flying all in the very same magical new place.

If you can, schedule a trip in time for the summer to go see this new attraction. It will be a magnificent refresher course just before Avatar 2 releases in 2018, as well as the other sequels in the next few years.

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