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Attack on Titan Season 2 News, Update, Spoilers: Major Storyline Changes; Stage Play to Premiere Next Summer

After Attack on Titan Season 2 has been confirmed for a 2017 release, exciting new updates have delighted fans. The new season is said to carry over “major” storyline changes with characters getting their own “big” moments in the next volume. Read on to know what exciting new updates await anime fans!

Attack on Titan Season 2 updates!

Despite some delay, the publishers have confirmed the series’ return slated for an April 2017 release. Moreover, Anime News Network notes that the same production team will still be in charge for the next season. Masashi Koizuka will still be directing season 2’s episode while Tetsuro Araki will “still be involved with the project as chief director.”

Attack on Titan first debuted in 2013 with a 25-episode season run. After getting much attention from anime fans worldwide, the manga has also “been adapted into various side manga series, novels, and even live-action films.” In fact, in Japan, two films debuted in July and September last year.

Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers!

With the critically acclaimed series garnering more popularity, the story is set to become even more exciting and interesting. A report from News Everyday revealed that Shingeki No Kyojin’s 88th issue will be released pretty soon. The upcoming issue is said to be “the most shocking of them all.”

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Speculations are rife owing to the show’s constant delivery of unexpected twists and shocking moments. The same outlet reports that the show’s protagonists are on the cover of Bessatsu Monthly’s January 2017 edition that will be released today, Dec. 9.

In line with this, the cover is said to feature the four Survey Corps that include Mikasa Ackerman, Hanje Zoe, Levi Ackerman, and Eren Yeager. They are the very same characters who “discovered and read Dr. Yeager’s three hidden journals” in his basement in Shinganshina.

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With interesting news regarding the show’s protagonists, fans are wondering whether or not this could also spell out “big” moments for these characters. The same report notes that the latest chapter will also “provide the conclusion to Dr. Yeager’s story” and fans will finally know how the doctor obtained the power of the titan.

Attack on Titan hitting the stage!

Anime News Network recently revealed that Attack on Titan volume 21 will get its very own stage play adaptation next summer. The publication reports that “Titans, soldiers, and ‘that battle’ will appear in a way no one has seen before.”

Next year’s stage play will be the very first time the manga has been adapted such platform.

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