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What is Phubbing And Why You Should Stop Doing It

In the age of smartphones and gadgets, it comes as no surprise that certain behaviors have raised questions on manners. Anyone with a gizmo could have easily been guilty of this specific behavior. Now, experts have finally have a name for it!

Introducing the bad practice of phubbing, or that time you ignored your friend because you were too busy with your phone. Phubbing, the shorter version of the term “phone snubbing” is an actual thing! We’ve called out friends or family to stop doing this, and now, you can actually use the term when you chide somebody.

What is Phubbing?

Research shows that phone snubbing, or phubbing, has become an epidemic around the world where gadgets are aplenty. Simply, phubbing is when a person ignores you in a social environment in favor of their smartphone. Not only is a person being inconsiderate, but phubbing comes with a few more insiduous results. Whether it’s scrolling newsfeeds as we ignore friends at parties or texting people during a meeting, people are becoming more arrogant as they spend more time hooked on their smartphones instead.

According to a report from Lifewire, a phubbing episode simply ends with a half-meant apology that makes the situation quite tensed. It’s important to note however, that the act becomes particularly rude when it’s not a call or a message that one needs to respond to right away. Rather, actions of checking Facebook while your friend is in front of you, or scrolling through someone’s Instagram becomes a cause of annoyance so easily. Simply, that person is telling you that your presence is less important to them at the very moment.

Don’t Leave Your Manners At The Door; Stop Phone Snubbing!

Digital Trends notes that this act could even lead to failed relationships. Numerous studies revealed that ignoring your partner in favor of your phone could hurt your relationship. Worse, it could trigger depression that result to lower rates of overall life satisfaction.

Don’t be quick to dismiss looking down your phone every once in a while as something trivial. Studies also suggest that the “few seconds” start to weigh heavily on your partner’s mind, and eventually leads to an overall feeling of inadequacy within the relationship.

Bottom line is, phubbing will definitely cause tension in relationships, but there are ways to work through it. It’s all about communication and actually communicating with your partner when you’re with them. When you want to spend time with another human being, go the old-fashioned way about catching up, and seriously, ditch your phone.

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