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Wes Anderson’s Newest Christmas Advert Will Melt Your Heart!

It has been a couple of years since filmmaker, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel was released, leaving fans of his quirky style craving for more of his work. Meanwhile, clothing giant H&M recently released its Christmas advertisement and, little did fans know that they were in for a colorful treat!

If you are a fan of intense symmetry, dolly shots, and distinct colors, you’ll love the new advert. Anderson’s track record of outrageously charming movies includes Rushmore, Moonrise KingdomThe Darjeeling Limited, and Fantastic Mr. Fox. The new Christmas short is very evident of the quirkiness across all his films.

Wes Anderson’s H&M Christmas short

Entitled Come Together, the advertisement opens with train conductor Ralph (Adrien Brody), aboard H&M Lines Winter Express. While nestled in his small little nook, he is bothered with the announcement he has to make, informing passengers that they will be missing Christmas due to unexpected delays.

Instead of allowing his passengers to sulk in their own compartments, Ralph decides to bring them all together to brighten up the mood. He calls on everyone to proceed to the dining area to get together so they could all enjoy a hot cup of cocoa while en route.

However, the conductor and his assistant had more things up their sleeve, to make the situation a little brighter for everyone. Thanks to the camera’s subtle panning, the focus sets on a little boy seen in his own compartment, and viewers would instantly know that the surprise would delight him the most.

In just under four minutes, the ad evokes a subtle yet sentimental mood in such discrete moments that make the advertisement work. Sure, the main point of this ad is to show H&M’s newest pieces, but fans won’t begrudge the film for tapping on those emotions because it’s Christmas.

Wes Anderson’s distinct style

There are a lot of tasty touches, from a droll cross-section of the train’s passengers in classic Anderson style. Moreover, the camera’s panning, to the use of title cards, makes it easy to spot a distinctly Wes Anderson creation.

The real showstopper, though, is that mid-way through the mini movie, a glorious single shot of an empty corridor, that goes mysteriously dark as the train enters a tunnel, suddenly brightens up as it comes out again. Certainly, Anderson injected his trenchant humor into what could have otherwise been a boring Christmas commercial.

Check out the heartwarming Wes Anderson H&M commercial below:


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